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After a countertop installation, the anticipation to use your gleaming new surface can be palpable. However, at Granite Empire, we advocate for a little patience to ensure the longevity of your investment. The immediate period post-countertop installation is crucial for the material to set and for any sealants or adhesives used during the process to fully cure. For most countertops, especially stone ones, a waiting period of at least 24 hours is recommended before placing any heavy items or conducting any rigorous activities on the surface. This ensures that the countertop settles well and maintains its structural integrity. Our Granite Empire experts will provide specific guidelines tailored to your chosen material and the intricacies of your countertop installation. In essence, while the allure of using your brand-new countertop immediately can be tempting, a brief wait can be the difference between a countertop that lasts a lifetime and one that faces early wear and tear.

Post-installation care: when to use your new countertops