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When homeowners embark on the journey to select the perfect countertop material, one vital factor that comes up is maintenance. Both quartz and marble stand out as top contenders in the realm of luxury surfaces, but which one takes the lead in ease of upkeep? As experienced “marble fabricators near me” at Granite Empire will tell you, while marble radiates timeless beauty, it demands a touch more care due to its natural porosity. Marble can be susceptible to stains, especially from acidic substances, and might require periodic sealing to maintain its luster. On the other hand, quartz, being an engineered stone, boasts of non-porous characteristics. This makes it highly resistant to staining and doesn’t require the periodic sealing that marble does. In the maintenance battle, quartz often emerges as the winner, offering durability and minimal upkeep. However, whether you lean towards the ethereal charm of marble or the steadfast reliability of quartz, the best “marble fabricators near me” at Granite Empire are here to guide your choice.

Quartz vs. Marble: A Maintenance Showdown